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Our Story

Our two interests started in 2017 when meditation and the study of Reiki intertwined with the first steps into the Bitcoin rabbit hole.
In 2020, these passions grounded and guided our family through a difficult time. We went deeper, and begun to understand how spirituality and self empowerment can have profound positive effects mentally, physically and emotionally.

We wanted to educate and inspire others, which led us to explore the smell of Bitcoin, but the question was how to bring an intangible creation to life in the form of a scent? And what does Bitcoin mean to different people?

Drawing on our experience of Reiki and Bitcoin we came up with three core mantras, truth, hope and freedom, words that represent the very essence of Reiki and Bitcoin. We studied natural fragrances, met perfumers and visited candle makers to conjure up an aroma for each mantra. Our journey took over a year before settling on our interpretation for each scent, whilst we simultaneously developed our brand.

Our candles represent the very simplicity and complexity of life from a visual and fragrance perspective, and each candle has its own unique scent and meaning. Handcrafted production brings a certain purity, which also ensures scarcity.


Our Mission

To produce a unique range of inspiring candles for everyone to enjoy, to raise vibrations and promote positive energy. 

To create a Bitcoin based company accepting Bitcoin payments, and add to the Bitcoin eco system in the UK and worldwide.

To give Bitcoiners the opportunity to buy a quality Bitcoin gift for themselves, friends and family.

To bring the positive benefits of Reiki and Bitcoin to a new female audience.

For candles to be stocked across small to medium sized shops, thus projecting a visual presence of the candles into spaces for those unaware of Reiki and Bitcoin.



Our candles are hand poured using soy wax which is harvested from the renewable crop of the soya-bean plant. It is completely natural, free from GM materials, biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free.

All of our materials and packaging can either biodegrade or be recycled. We do not use plastic in the manufacture or shipping of our products. We encourage our customers to re-use their glass jars once the candle has finished burning.

Our materials are all sourced from UK suppliers.


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